The history of the location Kritzkow

Ravené Possehl-Stahl AG, Berlin opened a newly-built branch for steel trade with stock keeping and an integrated company for bending concrete reinforcement steel in Kritzkow in 1995. During a re-organisation within the Possehl-Group the branch Kritzkow became the affiliated company of Pätau-Possehl GmbH in Bad Oldesloe in middle of 1999 and continued unchanged.

At the beginning of 2003 steel trade was given up at the branch Kritzkow, and with the new company name "Bewehrungstechnik Pätau-Possehl GmbH" we focussed on the delivery and the laying of concrete reinforcement steel.

On the basis of an MBO the company shares in “Bewehrungstechnik Pätau-Possehl GmbH” were sold to Mr Hans Joachim Spönemann in the end of 2005.

Due to this change the name of the company was changed into Bewehrungstechnik Kritzkow GmbH in June 2006.

The purpose of our business persist in “The delivery and laying of concrete reinforcement steel”.